The United States National Medical Association Elucidates Illegitimate Online Drug Sales…Not

Another cynical example of an online drug marketing site pretending to be legitimate, and preying on consumers who are starting to be leery of counterfeiting. Just received an email from this august institution, whose website  link leads directly to a Hong Kong based web site. Here's their ad, the English syntax of which is a dead giveaway.  Imagine that you are a senior citizen and momentarily can't recall that the proper institution's name is the AMA....I doubt this happens too often, but even once is too often. Caveat emptor.
Do you buy pharmaceuticals online? The US NMA was specifically established to protect the consumer. Our experts check every online shop for bogus medicines. The blacklist of unreliable or simply fraud shops is updated every week. We strongly recommend to visit our site before buying any medical products online.
HYPERLINK " There are some legitimate, fully licensed sources of imported drugs, and for more information one should visit -AMS