Survey finds pharma companies lagging in customer focus and “visuality.”

May's issue of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing will feature its first survey ofSurvey pharmaceutical operational excellence programs. It was a lengthy survey and netted only 114 responses, but it still shows overall trends, some of which may surprise you. Results suggest that:
  • pharma companies could do more to survey their customers on key issues, to develop better metrics; they could collaborate more with suppliers
  • quite a few companies may need to improve the way they handle nuts-and-bolts plant floor "visuality," through 5S and programs like it, to eliminate waste (particularly unnecessary "motion")
  • Improving product quality is a key goal for most drug companies, and they mention SPC and process capability analysis as key tools, yet most are not using either methodology.
  • most companies aren't yet connecting employee compensation to on-the-job performance improvements they've made.
  • drug companies need to do a better job of assessing new technologies for manufacturing.
For more, stay tuned to May's issue and our web site, www.pharmamanufacturing. Next, we're surveying pharma companies on their process control/automation and process analytical technology (PAT )practices. PATCheck our home page to see the survey. Although results aren't in yet, a sneak peak at preliminary results show that PAT isn't on many radar screens at this point. -AMS