Shire PLC’s CEO on Why the Company is Bullish on ADHD Therapies and its $2.6 Billion Purchase of New River

Does ADHD really exist?  Very likely (although, for young boys,  it's likely one of the most over- and incorrectly diagnosed illnesses around today---and who needs drug sales reps when so many school guidance counselors, teachers and nurses are such effective promoters?)  But , I digress.  The U.K.'s Shire PLC has become a specialist in this therapeutic area....The company will acquire U.S.-based New River's Vyvanse, which has reportedly received preliminary FDA approval and is expected to receive full approval this quarter, as well as other R&D and commercial assets. Shire's Adderall's patent is due to expire in two years. Read about the new acquisition here.   Or, better yet,  tune in for Bloomberg's interview with Shire's CEO.

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Shire CEO Matthew Emmens on acquisition of New River Pharma - Bloomberg

Bloomberg - (BLOOM)

Feb. 20, 2007. 08:47 AM EST

U.K.-based pharma company will buy new River, a specialist in ADHD treatments, for $2.6 billion.