Putman Will Soon Launch a Process Analytical Technologies /Quality by Design Wiki

PharmaManufacturing will soon launch its first Wiki.  It will cover the field of process analytical technologies (PAT) as it applies to pharmaceutical quality systems and  Quality by Design . We're looking for contributions from the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and other communities using PAT (for example, API and fine chemicals, but even other sectors that are "ahead" of pharma in their use of PAT are invited to contribute material). We'll look for information on on: Spectroscopy (NIR, FTIR, Raman, any type is fair game) Particle Size Distribution Effusivity Sensor technology (any type useable in PAT) Imaging Chemometrics Process Capability analysis and Statistical Process Control. Design of Experiments Process Control PAT for Excipient Quality Control PAT as an Anticounterfeiting tool Simulation and Modeling to Improve Quality Control Anything that falls under the "PAT" rubric will be fair game. The wiki will be moderated by editors and experts on our editorial advisory boards. We hope that this forum will help encourage more people in the industry to share best generic practices and knowledge.  Remember, you can contribute anonymously. If you'd like more information on this project please contact me at ashanley@putman.net