Pharma companies were the top targets for spam, spyware in May

 spam Last month, drug companies were the top target for IT security breeches involving spam and spyware, according to Message Lab's most recent report. Below, an excerpt (or read the full report here). "....The vertical most affected by email spam is the Chemical & Pharmaceutical industry, with the greatest increase in the proportion of spam in email traffic from the previous month. Increasing by 4.5% to 61.4% in May, the Chemical & Pharmaceutical sector ranks at number one in May. The greatest drop was within the Wholesale sector (ranked 12th this month), which saw spam traffic falling by 9% to 43.6%..." Which brings me to a semi-commercial message. Many of you who have subscribed to our PAT Insider, Pharma Track and Trace, and newsletters, have yet to receive them, due to changes in corporate firewall policies. We've tightened our own firewall, and find that a growing number of important emails are being dismissed (although for some mysterious reason, we still manage to receive the Nigeria spam and international lottery "you have already won"-type messages. And subject lines and sender names have become eerily like those we are used to dealing with, prompting us to open some of them (without touching the enclosures, of course)) Tightening firewalls is necessary and important, of course. But any of you who have read these publications know that they are light on commercial message, and heavy on content....and are not, in any case, "spam." We've heard that the problem is most pronounced at Lilly and Wyeth. We also know that you probably already receive 20 newsletters a week, and have little time to read them all. But if anyone signed up to receive our products and hasn't, please let your IT department know. -AMS