Moore Marches on Chicago’s Millennium Park; MD’s Follow

The BeanNot only the home of the infamous 110-ton steel "bean" (a face only Chicagoans can love...well , at least, some of us), Millenium Park has recently become the stomping ground for protestors, rally-makers, and political debates. Last night in particular, Chicago's Millenium Park hosted Michael Moore and his band of wavemakers, in particular crowds of doctors, nurses, medical students, and passers-by to rally against the insurance industry. Introduced by Chicago author, Studs Terkel, whose literary works have had an enormous impact on Chicago politics, Michael Moore addressed the audience on the need for change in America's health care system and declared "There's no room for profit when we're talking about people's lives." Moore and his followers marched across the street to protest in front of the Blue Cross Blue Shield building before attending a screening of 'Sicko' at the AMC River East theatre. (Blue Cross Blue Shield made no public response while a few employees peeked nervously through the windows). For more information and a clip of the rally please Click here For a list of 'Sicko' screenings in your area Click here - MV