Janssen wins award for embracing principles of “sustainable development”

 sustainable development Sustainable development, diversity and "lean" probably trigger a great deal of eye-rolling in some pharma circles today. But they're not empty buzzwords. Consider sustainable development. Has anyone even used the term since Al Gore was V.P.? But more companies are using the principles of sustainable development to guide the way they operate their facilities. In Ireland, IBEC recently awarded top environmental performers; winning first place was Janssen; Roche came in second. For more information, read on. Such measures are particularly important in Ireland, where the cost of waste treatment and disposal remain high. We have a "green chemistry" award program here in the U.S., which several pharma company and academic scientists have won....but how about a program awarding drug companies for overall environmental performance----something like the "Environmental Champions" award that McGraw-Hill sponsored with EPA back in the 1990s? Anyone interested in reviving the idea? -AMS