In her second term, Dora Akunyili is “fighting the good fight” against drug counterfeiters

Media reports on Nigeria's recently released Trovan clinical trials report (read localAkunyili Nigerian news reportage here) brought comments from Dora Akunyili, who just started her second five-year term as head of Nigeria's FDA equivalent, NAFDAC. Ms. Akunyili (photo) has been leading the battle against drug counterfeiters in her country. Whenever NAFDAC discovers a large cache of contraband drugs, it is burned in public, an important gesture. (This article describes one recent victory. ) If FDA leaders think they have it hard, Dr. Akunyili's life has been threatened several times, and armed men have ransacked her house. The Voice of America just published this profile/tribute to the courageous, and effective, Dr. Akunyili. -AMS