How Will Supreme Court Decisions re: Philip Morris and Microsoft Play Out in Pharma?

The Supreme Court just rejected an $80-million lawsuit and ruling against Philip Morris, which had been filed on behalf of a three-packs-a-day smoker who died of lung cancer. For an update from Forbes, click here, and for more specifics, read this entry from the Point of Law blog. Could this ruling set a precedent for future Vioxx (there are reportedly over 27,000 individual suits pending) and other drug liability lawsuits?  Also interesting is the Microsoft vs. ATT patent case, which will be heard tomorrow, and could have repercussions for pharma companies who outsource the manufacturing of products developed in the U.S., overseas. Bloomberg aired a short spot posing this question today. What do you think?

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Ripple Effect of the Philip Morris Decision - Bloomberg

Bloomberg - (BLOOM)

Feb. 20, 2007. 05:23 PM EST

Will the Supreme Court's decision in favor of Philip Morris and its anticipated ruling on Microsoft have an impact on pharma ?