How Drugs are Made

So much has happened since I stopped blogging. Last month, AstraZeneca's VP of operations  was quoted as saying that manufacturing was not a core function ("We're] about innovation and brand-building . . . There are lots of people and organisations that can manufacture better than we can," he said )...The company plans to lay of 11% of its workforce.... which made it refreshing to find this short film reminder from generics manufacturer Pliva (now part of Barr) that people actually make pharmaceuticals, and their work is strategically important. (Here is the original classic Sesame Street film that inspired it). Innovation can, and needs to happen in manufacturing. Pharmalot recently reported on a company that really should have gotten out of manufacturing altogether:  OTC drug manufacturer  Leiner Pharmaceuticals (Does this chart (from pharma manufacturing and R&D veteran Pharma Giles, who satirized Leiner here ) even remotely resemble the way things work at your company/facility?). AMS