Genentech Halts Avastin Study

Safety issues brought a clinical trial of its lung cancer drug to a halt today.  More news on this from CNN. Financial analyst Dhesh Govender, of Moness, Crespi and Hardt, on why this is not a major issue for a drug which is showing promise in other therapeutics. He also discusses other oncology drugs in the pipeline. (However, he is neutral on the stock, which he says is trading like a Big Pharma stock).  Have left in a few minutes of opening footage from the trading floor...for anyone who may not be enamored of his or her job, imagine having to deal with that each and every day, and be thankful.

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Avastin Prospects Still Good, Analyst Says - Bloomberg

Bloomberg - (BLOOM)

Mar. 23, 2007. 12:14 PM EST