Criticizing the Cynicism Behind the Current Compounding Scandal

We wanted to criticize, in as forceful and graphic a way as possible, the cynical attitude of the compounding facility management, to call attention to the disgraceful conditions that were found at many of the compounding facilities that were inspected, and also to draw some attention to the political situation (e.g. the fact that compounded products cost less than GMP manufactured products, and that some stakeholders have lobbied for the distinction between GMP/compounded regulatory treatment) that permitted this tragedy to take place.Like everyone,  we are disgusted and disheartened by the meningitis outbreak caused by conditions at key compounding facilities.  We decided to use our "FunnyPharm" cartoon this week as a vehicle for social criticism and patient advocacy. 

We're received some emails from indignant readers, but I want to assure you that our intentions were anything but flip. The cartoon was certainly not meant to make light of the unfolding tragedy, but rather, in the spirit of political cartoons, to bring out the righteous indignation and criticism that this tragic situation deserves. 

One pithy caption on a cartoon can have greater impact than thousands of op eds.

And who better to comment on this situation than you, the professionals who take the pains required to follow GMPs and other regulations so closely in your day to day work.

Please send your most biting satire. 

Agnes Shanley