Blogging from BIO 8 - Slogans and Giveaways

bioFor those of you who haven't been to BIO before, the convention floor is segregated into Countries, States and Regions. Each one tries to outdo one another with giveaways and identify itself with slogans and landmarks. Besides the typical T-shirts, pens and pads of paper, here are some of the more interesting ones with my comments. Rhode Island - "Destination Innovation"  - rhyme time. Bio Ohio - eye oh. Belgium - Fittingly, held a beer tasting at a bar last night. Chile - "All ways surprising" - always something. Nebraska - cutting up and giving away prime rib at lunch at their booth. Also, steak salt to take with you. Holland - Bio Delta - They carpet their section with the bright orange often seen at the Olympics on their athletes. I felt I needed those speed skates while walking, through. India - Growth promotion New York - NY (heart) Bio Kentucky - "Unbridled Spirit" - They also had a replica of the famous Churchill Downs Twin Spires. Louisiana - giving away purple, green and gold beads. The Show floor is no Bourbon St., though. Germany - had a 10-foot stainless bear painted by an artist in their booth. I'm not sure what the story is with this one. Maryland - "Power" drink - Red Bull in a Maryland logo can. Bill Swichtenberg