Blogging from BIO 7 - An American in Genzyme

PassportI was fortunate enough to be invited to a private meet and greet with Genzyme CEO, Henri Termeer and taken on a plant tour of the company's new Allston facility. What I had not expected was that I would be the only one speaking perfect American English (It is perfect because it is the only language that I speak fluently). The other 15 participants in the day's activities came from all over the world; Latin America, Europe, Australia...all with the intent to see what new innovations and technologies they could bring back to their own countries, and to get a better look at R&D efforts in one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Attendees shot their own questions at Termeer, who handled each region-specific question with a global answer. He approached the subject of biotechnology on an international scale, a scale that would borrow from each country's trials and errors in order to solve the global public health crisis. Termeer envisions great success for bio and the industry if policy and lawmakers allow for collaboration and flexibility to produce drugs globally and exchange technologies that promise to "save the world".   More on my afternoon with Genzyme to come... Michele Vaccarello, Managing Editor, Digital Media