Blogging from BIO - 1 - Am I on the Set of “24″? A Very Warm Welcome From the Anti-BIO/Anti-Profit Movement

Protests against BIoAs if I had had the chance to forget my purpose in Boston on Sunday night, I became immediately immersed in what I have donned 'the night before BIO 2007'. As I wheel my luggage out of a cab, concerned mostly with how to navigate the historic cobblestone streets of Faneuil Hall in heels, I am greeted with a scene from the television show '24'. Police officers on both foot and horse, ambulances, paddy wagons, and even the bomb squad surround me.To my left, a group of 200 men and women, clad in full bio hazard suits chant 'IT'S BULLSHIT...GET OFF IT...THE ENEMY IS PROFIT' holding signs that read "Bio out of Boston".* A passerby on my right questions her husband, "Stan, what is going on?" "The president is having dinner,I think, let's try and get a picture," he responds. I awkwardly cross the protest line, then a line of riot patrol officers, and continue the search for my hotel...overwhelmed with the chaos that surrounds the Quincy Market 'Biotech Welcome Reception". With the entirety of the Market roped off with special police forces, a swarm of confused tourists circulating about a Britney Spears appearance, and dozens of ID Badge carrying Biotech guests pacing intensely on their cell phones and blackberrys, I knew I was in for an exciting few days in Boston, filled with not only the latest Bio technology, but the latest Bio drama. I was definitely mistaken to think my celebrity gossip magazine at O'Hare would be as juicy as my week would get...Michele Vaccarello, Managing Editor, Digital Media * Photo shows previous protest in San Francisco.  Actually, media reports that turnout for the demonstration was much lighter than expected., with around 200---a fraction of the number that was seen a few years ago  For an update, read a report from the local Boston news.