A Lost Generation? 50,000 Upper-Middle and Senior Level Pharma Managers to Be Displaced Soon

Friday will bring a new White Paper,  "The Continuing Evolution of the Pharmaceutical Industry: Career Challenges and Opportunities" by Michael Steiner et al, of RegentAtlantic Capital LLC.  that tackles a critical topic: job security for the senior-level professional in an industry that's undergoing major transition. Instead of rehashing all the "transformations" going on within the industry, it correlates them to the individual pharma professional's job development to answer the questions: 
  • What do I need to do to remain employable in this industry? 
  • What are the key driving forces shaping the pharma industry job market?
  • How can I manage my career to ride all these waves? 
  • How can I manage my personal finances to weather the storm following a layoff?
Not too many of you will or could follow Peter Rost's path into creative writing, the ultimate question is:  will you be a specialist or an "athlete" with a broad set of capabilities and the range of experience that will allow you to manage complexity easily)?  Warning:  Going too far in either direction probably won't pay off.  We're posting excerpts from the study on PharmaManufacturing.com and KnowPharma.com, and will post the entire white paper (which will also accessible via www.regentatlantic.com) on Friday.  These graphics are from the draft version of the report, which may differ somewhat from the final version coming out later this week (please credit the RegentAtlantic report fully if you use these!). AMS