A Dozen Discussions: Favorite Interviews from 2011

We at Pharmaceutical Manufacturing are always speaking with industry experts and insiders, picking their brains about issues that truly matter to the industry. Below are 12 of my favorite interviews from last year—in case you missed them the first time around. Enjoy.

Buzz Cue: How Is Pharma Gauging Its Greenness?
A green chemistry and environmental guru talks about whether pharma is really as green as it thinks it is.

Scott Dicks: Progress on the Pedigree Front?
Maxiom Group’s supply chain expert answers our questions about whether drug manufacturers are moving ahead productively with electronic pedigree programs.

Par Almhem: Modular Gains Momentum
While modular drug facilities have had inconsistent results to date, they are an inevitable part of pharma’s future, Almhem says.

Peter Watler: Biopharma’s Future Facilities
Hyde’s CTO talks about trends shaping manufacturing facilities today and tomorrow.

Kevin Brady: On Developing an OpEx Culture at Elan/Alkermes
The company’s head of manufacturing talks about what works in OpEx, and why.

Jim Macdonell: Who Owns Your Data?
Patni’s Macdonell says pharma company IT and Engineering should share the wealth of information.

Larry West: Is Wireless Ready for Bioprocess Monitoring . . . and Control?
Aspen Brook Consulting’s principal is watching intently and working with biologics manufacturers like Amgen and Genentech to move into the wireless era.

Jane Chin: How Pharma’s Managers-Once-Removed Can Claim Relevance
Consultant Chin examines what makes the jobs of pharma’s middle managers so tough, and how they can succeed against the odds.

Scott Chizzo: Shoring Up Pharma’s Middle Management
Organizations with built-in risk management frameworks allow middle managers to thrive, says Maxiom Group’s president.

Craig Merrilees: Bayer Owes the Bay Area
A union spokesperson says that corporations have deep and inherent responsibilities to communities that support them.

Bayer: We’ve Delivered in Berkeley
The company responds to union complaints, and says that it has more than fulfilled its obligations to Northern California.

Raquel Rutledge: A Journalist Investigates Pharma and FDA
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter shares insights from her four-month investigation into manufacturing issues at the Hartland, Wisconsin facility of H&P Industries, and some of the “shocking and concerning” things she learned about drug manufacturing and the FDA in the process.


--Paul Thomas