12 Yr Old Girl Battles Brain Tumor, Family Petitions FDA

A fast-growing petition is asking the FDA to grant 12 year old McKenzie Lowe of New Hampshire with “compassionate use” access to Antineoplastons therapy, a treatment that could save McKenzie from her inoperable brain tumor (DIPG). The Change.org petition, started by McKenzie’s family, has collected more than 6,750 signatures since it was launched on November 10, and has collected more than 2,100 signatures in the past 24 hours alone -- making it one of the fastest growing petitions in New Hampshire right now.

Says McKenzie’s family on the petition: “McKenzie loves playing basketball and soccer, spending time with her family and friends, and caring for the many pets she’s adopted, which include her horse, Star, puppy Marshmellow, and bird Sparkle. She is full of an amazing passion to live life to the fullest, despite her ongoing battle with this horrible disease.

But McKenzie is fast approaching the one year mark of her diagnosis, and her latest MRI revealed that the tumor has started to grow again. We are running out of time, but not hope. Antineoplastons is the first and only cancer therapy in medical history to cure the type of tumor McKenzie has, and her doctors think it might save her.

But since the treatment is not yet approved by the FDA, McKenzie can’t access it without a "compassionate use" exemption. The FDA has made 471 exemptions for this treatment to date. Now, her family is hoping this petition will make the FDA add McKenzie to their list of people able to access this potentially life-saving treatment.”

For more information, you can check out the petition here.