Who Took My Cheese? Perspectives From a Lab Rat

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usOne of the things I truly enjoyed (before I became an independent consultant...while I was still employed full time by companies within the pharmaceutical industry) was getting the monthly company newsletters. They were all alike. Each month, we were treated to pictures of the Marketing and Sales people in Cancun (or some such place) as they celebrated the success of the drug that was discovered, tested, formulated, manufactured, assayed, packaged, and shipped by those of us sitting in the facility in January in the snow. Made me feel warm and tingly all over. But what better way to show the disconnect between management and the "worker bees?" The inspiration for most "lab rats" is the science, love of discovery, good feeling at finding a medicine that helps people. Others, who will remain unnamed (hard way to go through life: called "hey, you.") are motivated by money and expensive perks. Nonetheless, we are all still human. Prick us and we bleed. We have mortgages, kids to send through college. We lab rats are aware that we make far less than sales types, and we're ok with that"¦intellectually. Just don't rub our noses in the class differentials and we're happier. [BTW, when I complained about the newsletter to the people in corporate communications who published it, their solution was to stop sending lab personnel copies.]