Lemmings, tiny lemmings…let’s go swimming!

In the 1960s and 1970s, I was quite vocal about women's rights: equal pay, advancement opportunities, etc. What I found, in a large number of settings, was that the males agreed with me (mostly). Where I was amazed was the responses of a large number of women. Many made comments like, "that's a man's job" or "a woman's place is in the home." I was hoping that women were no longer their own worst enemies...then Denver happened. Now, when a woman was made a vice-presidential candidate, her policies or experience didn't seem to matter to many people. Polls show a major swing in "white women" to the Republican ticket. I am especially warmed by the fact that the long-standing values of non-violence (gun control, especially) can be forgotten for a rifle-toting, moose hunter... as long as the person has two X-chromosomes. Worse yet, her "home life" is out of bounds. However, I wonder what the "well-known" churchmen on the far right (silent on the matter) would make of Obama's daughter being pregnant and unmarried. I'm sure they would point out that it was the logical consequence of the promiscuous liberal ideals she has. [These would be the same people who claimed the flooding in New Orleans four years ago was retribution by God for the sinful lifestyles of the locals. Funny: I didn't hear anything of the sort this year when Iowa and several other WHITE, CHRISTIAN states (all who voted "correctly" in the last election) were flooded.] I know we all have faults, I just like to think we accept and work with others, not condemn them because they are different. In any case, I would expect in the 21st century, that voters look beyond race and gender and actually read something about the accomplishments of each candidate. What a concept! While I'm not about to break into John Lennon's Imagine, I would like to see a little more kindness and openmindedness in our relationships. Can we actually THINK for ourselves once in a while and not follow the pack over the cliff?