Getting Started: It Isn’t All Beer and Skittles (But Then There’s CME)

briefcaseGreetings. This is my first attempt at micro-publishing, a.k.a. "blogging." I plan, however, on trying to use correct grammar, not "IM-isms." After a few feeble attempts, I think I have it now. So, Happy Hallowe'en to everyone..  Question: What do skyboxes at sports stadiums and Carribbean trips have to do with drug education? Answer: Thay are more fun than actually taking courses or reading the literature. When  doctors take freebies from pharmaceutical company reps, do they feel a responsibility to prescribe that company's product or do they still care more for the patient? I have heard pharmacists comment that they can tell which reps have been in the area by the plethora of prescriptions written for that company's products. Years ago (in the 1970s), when I asked about becoming a rep for the company for which I worked, I was told that, having worked in the lab, I "knew too much." In other words, I might actually be able to answer questions posed by doctors and not just give the information on the handouts I carried. Thus, I was told, the sales department preferred Liberal Arts grads to chemists and pharmacists.  We could do something radical (like in Europe for decades) and allow pharmacists to prescibe drugs for the illnesses that a doctor discerns. After all, pharmacists had 5 years of pharmaceutical education, while most MDs had a 3-credit course in Med school...oh yes, and all the handouts reps give to them (and TV they count as education?)