Elixer of Life (Part II)

Since (as I mentioned) the "cure" for drugs in groundwater is not going to happen quickly, there is something we can do right now. There are, approximately, 20 million people without healthcare in the US of A at the moment. That means they might be able to get medical attention at a hospital emergency room or free clinic. However, they may not be able to obtain needed medicines. Since the first step in groundwater remediation is analyzing what is in the water at the various locations, anyway, we can use this information in the meantime to alleviate one other problem. Whynot publish the information of which drugs are at which location? That way, if someone needed Prozac, they could be sent to City "X" and drink the water. Need a "statin?" Why, just move to City "Y." We will know the levels of each drug, so the emergency room doctor can prescribe how much free water each patient should drink each day from the tap at any given city. This will modify a common phrase to "drink two gallons and call me in the morning." But, it will be (as Ann Landers used to say) "when life hands you a lemon, make (highly diluted, in this case) lemonade." Thus, we will be (pun intended) "killing two birds with one stone."