Are you smarter than a 5th grader? Or a VP candidate?

After watching the three presidential and one VP debates, I am struck with the "Aw Shucks" tone of one of the particpants, in particular. No names, but this one loves the "Joe Sixpack" epitaph. It got me to thinking; how do we choose professions in this country?

If you want to cut hair, repair teeth, drive a car, practice law, or even own a pet, you need to obtain proof of following a certain series of prescribed functions. These could include trade school, followed by a test, or law school, followed by the bar exam. In other words, we want a show of competancy.

If I owned a NASCAR racing team, I wouldn't find a fellow at a bar and give him my million dollar car to drive. Nor would I drop by the local bowling alley to find my heart surgeon. In this manner, I really want a smarter, more informed person than I running the country. I may want to hang out at the bowling place with Joe Sixpack or Joe the Plumber, but would not vote for them for President (or, especially, VP)

The obsession with the "unwashed masses" is a little much. The crowd with pitchforks and torches outside Baron Frankenstein's flat was likely not professionals. Don't repeat the Adlei Stevenson debacle and vote for the older guy, just because he wore a uniform. (Deja vu all over again?)