Another extreme; oy!

Amazing how one can forget pain with time. My years in the army now seem like a story someone told me; my travails with management in industry seemed so long ago. Well, I am working at a major Pharma company and had the "opportunity" to need some software installed on the computer we are using. The call for permission went off-site to an outsourced company who then called and "helped" install the program. That is, we placed the disk into the CD drive and pressed "start." My seven-year old grandson could have done this task. We were lucky, however, since it only took and hour or so for a call to come. I remember having to wait days to simply have an in-house IT person perform this "difficult, technical task" for me. I understand the need to avoid viruses and the company's desire to keep games off their computers, but...when the expert at may old job told me my computer was crashing because I had too many icons on my desktop...well, that made me all kinds of confident that the right person was laying hands on my desktop. As long as we have thousands of these "time-traps" in place, we will NOT survive as a "first-world" country. For heaven's sake, the euro is now going for $1.48...Canadians are using US coins in their snack machines to save money...could these be signs that we need a MAJOR overhaul on how we do things in our industry?