2008 Resolutions

I know all you Pharma executives have been busy this time of year, so, to help you catch up, I'd like to suggest a few resolutions for the Pharma industry (starting this year): 1. STOP trying to equate bigger with better. Every merger costs thousands of jobs. [Buying another company with nothing in its pipeline won't help you with yours!] 2. Use those mega-millions of lobbiest money to lobby congress for MORE FDA people, not less. Sure, you may have to obey the laws (gasp!), but all us sclubs will be better off wihout lead in our drugs to match our toys. 3. Be Green; remember, when you stop destroying batches, you conserve resources. Ergo, PAT and QbD cause fewer mistakes, recalls, and lost materials. This will also slow down #1. 4. Remember, when you're cutting staff, losing one V.P. slot can save four (or more) chemists' jobs. (Or 10 Admin. Asst.'s) 5. If you didn't have luxury boxes and season tickets at arenas and stadiums accross the country (for MD's "instructional" purposes), you could hire more R&D people to find new drugs to avoid job cuts. [Are we sensing a theme here?] 6. If you must send your sales staff to Tahiti orPuerto Rico as a reward for selling what we (in the lab) create, PLEASE don't send us company newsletters with shots of them on the beach. Contrary to popular opinion this does not motivate us "lab rats" to greatness. I'll be back with a few other suggestions...just start on these and we'll see how it goes.  Happy New Year