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  • What Capacity Crunch?

    Is a cell culture capacity shortage likely? Biomanufacturers are still scratching their heads.

  • RFID Pilot Raises Hopes and Red Flags

    In Phase 1 of its "Jump Start" RFID project, Accenture identified pros and cons for drug makers. Now the firm and its project participants are gearing up for Phase 2.

  • Going Small, Thinking Big

    Microreactors and micro-scale equipment enable faster, continuous reactions, and are starting to make their mark in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

  • Broadening PAT's Manifesto

    The last word on PAT extends its use from a manufacturing to a cradle-to-grave tool for gaining process knowledge, FDA’s Ajaz Hussain says.

  • Don't Burn Your Bridges

    As the world evolves toward a paperless pedigree, RFID promises to be a key trace and track tool, but “bridge” and complementary technologies remain essential

  • Getting Past the Hype of RFID

    Not so fast—RFID is going to cost you. Both a new study by ARC and R4 Global Solutions’ CEO Jeff Richards discuss the issues

  • SMB Takes On Paclitaxel Purification

    Simulated moving bed chromatography, widely used in chiral separations, can also be used to remove structurally similar impurities from target APIs.

  • MES Goes Prime Time

    Error and paper process reduction are leading more pharmaceutical firms to embrace the latest shop-floor control systems

  • Pan Speed: Hit a Moving Target

    Optimizing pan speed is a critical, but often overlooked, way to improve aqueous tablet coating. There’s no magic formula, but simple visual checks can improve results.

  • Cut the FAT

    Plan early to streamline your next factory acceptance test

    Vendor with Review and Approval by Owner</FONT>
  • Novartis Goes Lean

    A bold initiative at the drug manufacturer's Suffern, N.Y. plant aims to reduce cycle times by 70% and cut spending by 40%. The program, a pilot for all Novartis sites worldwide, has been "risky and nerve racking, but necessary."

  • New Methods for the PAT Toolbox

    Instrument suppliers are moving a growing number of analytical techniques out of the lab and onto the manufacturing floor. As healthcare economics change, drugmakers that once rejected process analytics are embracing it as they look to reduce costs.

  • Black Belt Not Required

    Don't wait for top management support -- improve quality from the inside out by applying Six Sigma in your everyday work. The first step in achieving this goal is to begin thinking about managing quality from a more personal perspective.

  • Go Undercover

    Covert, forensic and overt security strategies will all be critical in protecting your products—but don’t overlook the basics

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