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  • Cut the FAT

    Plan early to streamline your next factory acceptance test

    Vendor with Review and Approval by Owner</FONT>
  • Novartis Goes Lean

    A bold initiative at the drug manufacturer's Suffern, N.Y. plant aims to reduce cycle times by 70% and cut spending by 40%. The program, a pilot for all Novartis sites worldwide, has been "risky and nerve racking, but necessary."

  • New Methods for the PAT Toolbox

    Instrument suppliers are moving a growing number of analytical techniques out of the lab and onto the manufacturing floor. As healthcare economics change, drugmakers that once rejected process analytics are embracing it as they look to reduce costs.

  • Black Belt Not Required

    Don't wait for top management support -- improve quality from the inside out by applying Six Sigma in your everyday work. The first step in achieving this goal is to begin thinking about managing quality from a more personal perspective.

  • Go Undercover

    Covert, forensic and overt security strategies will all be critical in protecting your products—but don’t overlook the basics

  • Manufacturing with Vision

    Drug makers are harnessing improved vision technology to automate packaging and filling; process monitoring may be next

  • From the Editor: The Quest for Excellence

    The pharmaceutical industry needs clarity on Six Sigma and Quality concepts. It also needs its own version of the Baldrige award, recognizing the manufacturing effort and commitment to continuous quality improvement.

    Agnes Shanley, Editor in Chief
  • Jump Starting RFID in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

    RFID offers significant savings, but connections between drug manufacturers and their business partners need to be ironed out. The Jump Start pilot is starting to sort out and define the challenges ahead.

  • Air-Handling With Care

    Increasingly Potent Compounds Place Special Demands on HVAC and Utility Design

  • Prions Come Under Closer Scrutiny

    Drugmakers Are Taking Steps To Ensure Removal of Abnormal Prions, Rogue Proteins Implicated in Mad Cow, Scrapie and variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

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