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  • Career Advice: Get Paid More (Even If You’re Not a Model!)

    Studies by economists show that “above average” looking people tend to earn higher salaries and get promoted more often than those with “average” or “below average” looks.

    JoAnn Hines,'s Resident Career Expert
  • From the Editor: Best Practices or Trade Secrets?

    Security must be a top priority for drug makers, but overly restrictive noncompete and nondisclosure agreements and publishing practices verge on the paranoid – and prevent the exchange of “best practices” that the industry needs in order to improve.

    Agnes Shanley, Editor in Chief
  • Events Calendar

    When and where are the key conferences, excellent expos and seminal seminars? Find out here!

  • How to Tell If You're Fired (and Just Don't Know It)

    It's no laughing matter. Management often makes its decisions methodically. You may already be on the hit list and not know it yet. Don't be paranoid, but do recognize the warning signs. JoAnn Hines outlines them here.

  • Three Job Tips for a Rainy Day

    AstraZeneca recruiting director Jeff Harvey and recruiter Tom Bramswig offer tips for keeping your skills sharp and being ready just in case any layoffs are announced at your company.

    Jeff Harvey, AstraZeneca, and Tom Bramswig, Pharmaceutical Careers, Inc.
  • Career Advice: Seven Deadly Sins

    If you're not sure what a team is or what it can accomplish, you need to know the seven deadly sins that can destroy your team before it even gets to the huddle.

    JoAnn Hines, Chief People Packager
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