on 'Energy Management'

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  • Hands-on air handling

    How air handling units can be the source of significant carbon and cost savings

    Ian Dempster Senior Director, Optimum Energy, CEM
  • Benchmarking Biopharma's Carbon Footprint

    GSK demonstrates how to achieve sustainability and develops a carbon footprint pathway for the industry.

    Daniel D’Aquila, Director Manufacturing Operations, GSK; Matthew Snyder, Project Manager, CRB; Kurtus Kahle, Mechanical Utilities Engineer, CRB; Kevin Tomko, Project Manager/Mechanical Engineer, CRB
  • Saving Money at the Loading Dock

    Pharma execs and facility managers are constantly exploring all possible ways to tighten their belts and bolster the company’s bottom line. A growing number are finding one path to savings runs through an often-overlooked area of their facility’s operations – its loading docks.

    Mary Blaser, Rite-Hite Environmental Enclosures Corporation
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