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  • Managing Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Risks

    No matter how complex the supply chain, a careful, methodical process can identify, value and manage those risks, and lead to an insurance policy tailored to your unique needs.

    Daniel S. Brettler, Managing Director, SVP, Life Science and Technology Practice Leader for Conner Strong & Buckelew
  • Mission Possible: Excellent Clinical Logistics

    Insightful integration of Contract Manufacturing Organizations into clinical trial business

    Jens Mattuschka and Henriette Frangillo-Engler, Clinical Logistics Services, PAREXEL International
  • Serialization and the Drug Quality & Security Act

    The supply chain for genuine pharmaceuticals has grown longer, and every step in the chain offers an opportunity for counterfeiters.

    Bikash Chatterjee, president and CTO, Pharmatech Associates
  • Five Trends to Watch in 2015

    Collaboration in the supply chain will help Pharma stay out in front of the challenges ahead

    Diane Palmquist, Vp of Manufacturing Industry Solutions, GT Nexus
  • Health Care Reveals its Supply Chain Pain

    Significant factors contributing to uncertainty in the healthcare supply chain are more stringent regulations and increased product protection challenges

    PhM Staff
  • Performance Shopping

    Pharma’s capital equipment spending has slowed but remains robust, focused on optimizing manufacturing supply chains through highly targeted technology and services purchasing

    Steven Kuehn, Editor in Chief
  • Get Your Head in the Game

    Considerations to make when kicking off a track-and-trace program

    Stefan Hockenberger, managing director, Movilitas Consulting
  • Nature’s Indelible Marker

    Naturally abundant, stable isotopes have already protected the identity and origin of $1.5 billion in pharmaceutical materials against Intellectual property infringers

    Anthony D. Sabatelli, Ph.D., J.D.
  • Planning for Surprises in Clinical Logistics

    Creating and managing a successful clinical supply chain in today’s complex pharmaceutical environment takes holistic planning and an ability to adjust quickly

    Susanne Mueller and Robert Mueller, Clinical Logistics Services, PAREXEL
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