on 'Supply Chain'

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  • Finding New Roads

    Customer demands are shifting fast, and new designs are helping manufacturers navigate the market apex

    Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director
  • FDA Makes Pharma’s Day with Delay

    In this case, an FDA delay is a good thing, as it offers temporary relief to pharma manufacturers by not enforcing the deadline of DSCSA for an entire year

    Katie Weiler, Managing Editor
  • 5 Tips for Conducting a Supplier Audit

    To ensure that a supplier can provide the material or products meeting quality specifications and requirements, consider these five things when conducting an onsite supplier audit

    Terrance Holbrook, Senior Product Manager, MasterControl
  • Serialization: Driving Business Value Beyond Compliance

    The availability of information about serialized products provides an opportunity to take a data- and analytics-driven approach to supply chain improvements

    Michael Zirkle, Associate Vice President, Cognizant Business Consulting, Life Sciences and Healthcare
  • Tech Transfer: Let’s Take It from the Top

    Why starting with a top-down approach to process definition and automation means better results at the bottom

    Bob Lenich, Life Science Business Director, and Bruce Greenwald, Platform Business Manager, Emerson Automation solutions
  • 5 Strategies for Generic Supply Chains

    What leading companies are doing to drive holistic improvements across their complex supply chains

    Andrew Gonce, Xin Huang, Jordan Levine and Martin Lösch, McKinsey & Company
  • The Digital Game-Changer

    For pharma operations, the question isn’t “When to go digital?” It’s “How fast can we get there?”

    Dr. Marcus Ehrhardt, Partner, PWC’S STRATEGY&
  • Saving Money at the Loading Dock

    Pharma execs and facility managers are constantly exploring all possible ways to tighten their belts and bolster the company’s bottom line. A growing number are finding one path to savings runs through an often-overlooked area of their facility’s operations – its loading docks.

    Mary Blaser, Rite-Hite Environmental Enclosures Corporation
  • Creating Value from Smart Manufacturing

    Companies implementing smart manufacturing often find themselves awash in data; manufacturing data store concepts can turn these raw numbers into actionable information

    John Clemons, Director of Manufacturing IT, Maverick Technologies
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