on 'Supply Chain'

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  • The future is transparent

    The answer to today’s complexities lies in collaborative, sustainable supply chains

    Pierre-François Thaler Co-Founder and Co-CEO, EcoVadis
  • Using Multiparty Networks to Conquer Industry Challenges

    Pharma companies can now become demand-driven, synchronizing supply to demand to optimize patient service levels, lower inventory levels, and reduce costs

    Geoffrey Annesley, EVP of Healthcare industries, One Network Enterprises
  • Modernizing Product Supply with the Cloud

    How Gilead Sciences and Karyopharm Therapeutics gained control of external product supply operations

    Wendy Goretski, Associate Director of Business IT R&D, Gilead Sciences and Mike Jovanis, Vice President, Veeva Vault Quality, Veeva Systems
  • Supply Chain Strategies for New Therapies

    Autologous engineered T-cell therapies challenge traditional late stage and commercial pharma supply chains practices

    John Lunger, VP Manufacturing and Supply Chain Development, Adaptimmune
  • Digital Transformation Facilitates On-Time Delivery

    Digital transformation has become a critical imperative to address the weak link of ATP/CTP in the pharma supply chain

    Stephanie Glass, Head of Product Marketing for Cognitive Skills, Aera Technology
  • Staying on Track for Drug Safety

    Future electronic tracking and tracing system will shore up safety of drug supply chain

    Ilisa Bernstein, Pharm.D, JD, deputy director of the Office of compliance, CDER, FDA
  • EU FMD: The One-Year Countdown

    Companies that manufacture, sell or dispense drugs in the European Union have until February 9, 2019 to comply. Where does the industry stand?

    Pharmaceutical Manufacturing staff
  • State of Packaging in the Pharma Industry

    Changes stemming from regulations, technological innovation and discovery bring about challenges for brand owners, packagers and OEMs

    Jerry Martin, pharmaceutical and life sciences consultant to PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies
  • Finding New Roads

    Customer demands are shifting fast, and new designs are helping manufacturers navigate the market apex

    Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director
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