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  • Using Multiparty Networks to Conquer Industry Challenges

    Pharma companies can now become demand-driven, synchronizing supply to demand to optimize patient service levels, lower inventory levels, and reduce costs

    Geoffrey Annesley, EVP of Healthcare industries, One Network Enterprises
  • Proactive Digital Transformation

    Motivated by technical advancements and marketplace pressures, pharma is finally beginning to recognize the power of data-driven decision making

    Ryan Smith, Ph.D., VP Engineering, Sight Machine
  • Degrees of Digitalization

    Armed with the education and motivation, pharma now needs a plan

    Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director
  • PLM for Pharma: Applying an Old Tool in New Ways

    How pharma companies are tapping into the capabilities of Product Lifecycle Management tools to address the product and process data challenge

    Chris Albani, Vitaly Glozman, Wayne McDonnell, Shankar Iyer and Yun Wakana Wang, PwC
  • Paving the Road for Sustainable Solutions

    Design and implementation of a compliance process with global governance: a case study

    Arne Buthmann, Pharma Practice Area Lead, Valeocon Management Consulting
  • PLM Formulations for Chemicals

    The roots of product lifecycle management and how PLM can help chemical companies today

    Tony Christian, director, Cambashi
  • Beyond SOPs

    A decade ago, the introduction of standard operating procedures was groundbreaking, but new understanding now helps bring the rigor of QbD to analytical method development.

    Paul Davies and Paul Kippax, Malvern Instruments
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