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  • Cultivating Biosimilars

    Pharma's challenge is to mirror both process and product to create "similar" biologic therapies.

    Doug Bartholomew, Contributing Editor
  • Innovators Deliver Flexible Environments

    G-CON’s cleanroom PODS speed construction and commissioning of DARPA’s scalable vaccine facilities

    Chris Steffas, Life Sciences and Energy Application Center Manager, Rockwell Automation
  • Biomanufacturing Morphs

    In biopharma, budgets are returning and manufacturers are emphasizing innovation, productivity, and cost control.

    Eric S. Langer, President, BioPlan Associates, Inc.
  • Looking for Supply Chain Answers in 2011

    Interest in protecting the drug supply chain is becoming top of mind for drug manufacturers, technology providers, and governments as they begin to understand the current and elevated risks to patient safety.

    Ken Appel, Manager of Regulated Markets, Vaisala
  • Biotech Production: Planning, Scheduling and Throughput Analysis with a Combined Theory of Constraints, Lean and Simulation Approach

    A major biotech company's only final stage bio-manufacturing facility in the world was struggling to meet rapidly increasing customer demand. Unanticipated production delays and frequent starvations at critical parts of the operation were causing not only late and missed deliveries, but also the expiration of product batches at a cost of approximately $1 million per batch.

  • PDA 2010: Stopper Sensibility

    At PDA 2010, lyophilization experts debate issues that confound them and compromise product and vial integrity.

    Paul Thomas, Senior Editor
  • Are Biosimilars Bound for No Man’s Land?

    Follow-on biologics regulation could stifle the innovation that defines and drives the biopharmaceutical industry, say two of Deloitte’s leading experts in the area.

    Paul Thomas, Senior Editor
  • Webcast: A Look Ahead: The Impact of Biosimilars on the Pharma Landscape

    Follow-on biologics, or biosimilars, will soon become reality in the U.S. Given their inherent complexity and the current state of analytics, how will their safety and quality be ensured? Will they boost or diminish competition and innovation in biotech? Join us for a thought-provoking presentation and panel discussion of these issues.

  • Flexible Pharma: Puzzling Out the Plant of the Future

    The need to improve agility and reduce financial risk is driving new approaches to plant design and operation, and the use of new technologies. Industry experts look at the future pharmaceutical plant from all angles.

    Agnes Shanley, Editor in Chief, with Paul Thomas, Senior Editor
  • Low-Risk Lyophilization

    Developing a successful lyophilization program requires equal parts design, technology, and expertise.

    Brian Bucur, Associate Director, Lyophilization & Sterilization and Timothy Smith, Director, Product & Process Development - Ben Venue Laboratories, Inc.
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