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  • Calibration for Compliance

    This Fundamentals Series presentation covers calibration and its importance to pharmaceutical manufacturers, how to handle changing procedures and standards, creating a chain of traceability and calibration guidelines and more.

  • Fundamentals Series: Dusts: Understanding and Managing the Risk

    This Fundamentals Series presentation includes how a dust can become an exposure, risk outlined, regulatory guidance update/clarification, powder behavior/material migration, setting occupational risk limits, protective apparel best practices, setting occupational risk limits and types of exposure dust.

  • Measuring Water Vapor in Tablet Coating

    Devices for measuring water vapor in process applications are often different from those used in environmental conditions.

    Jim Tennermann, Life Science Segment Manager, Vaisala
  • Cold Chain Fundamentals: A Cornerstone of Manufacturing and Supply Chain Excellence

    This Fundamentals Series presentation offers an overview of the cold chain, addresses responsibilities, regulations, risks and pitfalls of the cold chain, discusses storage and transportation of temperature sensitive materials, outlines factors critical to success, provides numerous guidance and regulatory resources.

  • Troubleshooting Tableting

    Anything from excess moisture to variable API loading can affect tablet quality. PAT methods and equipment innovations can reduce variability.

    Agnes Shanley, Editor in Chief
  • Water Vapor Measurements for Non-Environmental Applications

    Devices for measuring water vapor in process applications are often different from those used to measure environmental conditions, and RH might not be the best parameter to express the amount of water vapor in a gas. Vaisala's Tennermann explains.

    Jim Tennermann, Life Science Segment Manager, Vaisala
  • Pharma Sustainability Is on a Roll

    Drug industry environmental stewardship projects are becoming more sophisticated and challenging. Here are examples from AstraZeneca, Bayer, DSM, Pfizer, and EMD Millipore

    Paul Thomas, Senior Editor
  • Sartorius and G-Con: Bioprocess Cleanrooms Go Mobile

    A joint collaboration claims it has a “disruptive technology” that can be shipped anywhere, and used in any way. Does it raise the bar for future flexible facilities?

    Paul Thomas, Senior Editor
  • Implementing Disposable Cleanroom Apparel into the Manufacturing Process

    In the case of disposable cleanroom apparel the benefits can include an easier gowning process, elimination of variability in filtration performance that can result from reusing apparel, less waste and improved levels of contamination control.

    Damon Larkin, Category Manager at Kimberly-Clark Professional
  • Instrument Tolerances: Manufacturer vs. Process

    Using the instrument maker’s tolerance, there is often a higher risk of an “Out of Tolerance” appearing on a calibration certificate; this costs money.

    Michael Boetzkes, Quality Manager, Vaisala
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