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  • A Better Batch

    Today’s solid dose manufacturing reality still relies on skillful execution by operators

    Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director
  • Cutting-Edge Flexibility

    CDMOs perfect the art of survival in today’s multi-product world

    Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director
  • Driving Bioprocessing Efficiency

    Continuous manufacturing, single-use systems and disposables are pushing industry boundaries

    Kathleen A. Estes, Ph.D., Director of Research Communications; and Eric Langer, President and Managing Partner, BioPlan Associates
  • True Continuous Manufacturing

    It’s time to replace the pharma industry’s conventional batch-based processing with efficient, true continuous manufacturing.

    Babu Padmanabhan, Ph.D., managing director & chief knowledge officer, STEERLife
  • Janssen's Historic FDA Approval

    The FDA has approved -- for the first time in history -- a manufacturer’s production method change from “batch” to continuous manufacturing.

    Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director
  • Smart Manufacturing, FDA’s Vision for Quality

    Continuous manufacturing, and the advanced process control tools that support it, play a key role in future development for smart manufacturing

    Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director
  • IFPAC 2016 Conference

    Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow could keep me from finding the lastest technology

    Emil W. Ciurczak, Contributing Editor
  • Pharma Equipment Sourcing Strategies

    2015 Nice Insight Pharmaceutical Equipment report reveals trends in purchasing

    Guy Tiene, Director of Strategic Content / Research, That’s Nice LLC
  • Trends Impacting Pharma Equipment

    Emphasis is now placed on the deployment of equipment and technologies that enable higher production yields and more rapid scale-up/commercialization

    Nigel Walker, managing director, That’s Nice LLC
  • Integrated Continuous Manufacturing

    Novel technologies open a new avenue for developing the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing

    Salvatore Mascia and Bernhardt Trout, CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals
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