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  • Managing Regulatory Inspections: A CDMO Perspective

    Inspection success begins with awareness of the challenges and obstacles, and continues with ongoing preparation and frequent inspection readiness

    Joachim del Boca, VP of Regulatory Affairs/Quality Compliance, Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co. KG
  • Next-Generation Innovation

    Streamlined strategies secure pharma’s future as the industry thinks outside the pill box

    Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director
  • Shake Your Money Maker

    Trending up, readers say their capital spending remains focused on manufacturing excellence

    Steven E. Kuehn, Editor in Chief
  • Pharma Equipment Sourcing Strategies

    2015 Nice Insight Pharmaceutical Equipment report reveals trends in purchasing

    Guy Tiene, Director of Strategic Content / Research, That’s Nice LLC
  • Focusing Its Customer’s Customer Focus

    West Pharmaceutical’s Graham Reynolds knows that better patient outcomes have everything to do with better drug delivery

    Steven E. Kuehn, Editor in Chief
  • CMOs: Pharma's Heavy Lifters

    When it comes to drug development and commercialization, Contract Pharma is bringing the brains and the brawn to do Pharma’s heavy lifting

    Steve Kuehn, Editor in Chief
  • Get Closer

    Contract Pharma wants to build better drugs through better relationships

    Steven E. Kuehn, Editor in Chief
  • Trends Impacting Pharma Equipment

    Emphasis is now placed on the deployment of equipment and technologies that enable higher production yields and more rapid scale-up/commercialization

    Nigel Walker, managing director, That’s Nice LLC
  • Heard it on DCAT Street

    Pharma leadership talks strategy at one of the industry’s oldest gatherings.

    Steven Kuehn, Editor in Chief
  • Mission Possible: Excellent Clinical Logistics

    Insightful integration of Contract Manufacturing Organizations into clinical trial business

    Jens Mattuschka and Henriette Frangillo-Engler, Clinical Logistics Services, PAREXEL International
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