What are the Pharma Innovation Awards?

The annual awards acknowledge the investment equipment vendors put into developing and improving their products

The Pharma Innovation Awards are a celebration of technologies contributing to advancements in risk reduction, product quality improvement and manufacturing efficiency.

The annual Pharma Innovation Awards are our brand's way of acknowledging the investment pharmaceutical equipment vendors put into developing and improving their products. The awards are a tribute to those who listen to the needs of the market and their customers, and a result, have distinguished themselves as leaders in equipment and technology.

All winners were hand-picked by Pharma Manufacturing editors and reviewers throughout the year.

Want your new product to be considered? Reach out to our edit staff and set up an appointment for an upcoming tradeshow so we can hear your story and see your technology in action. We are focused on new products and technical innovation in the following categories: analytical and monitoring devices, bioprocessing, plant floor operations, smart pharma, and packaging.

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