Op Ex & Lean Six Sigma / QRM Process

Webcast: Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Gears Up for 2020

As biopharmaceuticals development and manufacturing become more important, new challenges in up- and down-stream processing, manufacturing, analytics and process control must be met and overcome. This webcast focuses on key issues for the industry including manufacturing operations, analytics, process control and Lean and Six Sigma.


  • Downstream Processing Plays Catch-up: Eric Langer, Managing Partner, Bioplan Associates
  • Optimizing Scaleup: Brian Stamper, Sr. Manufacturing Associate, Eli Lilly
  • Process Control and Optimization:Trish Benton, Life Sciences Consultant, Broadley-James
  • Process Development: Data Management: Oscar Lara-Velasco, GSK

To watch this on-demand webcast, click here.

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