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  • Safe & sterile powder transfer

    How the use of aseptic split butterfly valve technology can prevent contamination

    Christian Dunne, Global Head of Sterile Solutions, ChargePoint Technology
  • Qualifying your cleanroom

    Revised GMP guidelines will strengthen emphasis on contamination control, impacting cleanroom performance qualifications

    Jessica Rayser, Product Manager, Accugenix Services, Charles River and Lucia Ceresa, Senior Product Specialist, Microbial Solutions, Charles River
  • 10 of the highest-paid CEOs in pharma

    Lucrative compensation packages for CEOs are certainly not unique to pharma. But many of the industry's top dogs got hefty raises last year, showing it's a good time to be a CEO in pharma.

    Meagan Parrish, Senior Editor
  • Biosimilars are coming to LATAM

    There is a flourishing biosimilar industry in Latin America, with its own research, development, production and commercialization capacity

    Franco A. Cucchiaro, International Trade and Supply Chain Pharma Specialist
  • Will product drift cause a rift?

    It’s important to consider how product drift will impact biosimilars

    Ha Kung Wong, Partner, Venable Fitzpatrick’s Intellectual Property Litigation Practice
  • Perfecting CAPA

    “Flawless” may not exist on the plant floor, but reviewing your quality process can save money and lives

    Patterson Shafer Managing Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Grant Thornton
  • Retrofitting batch with single-use

    Single-use technologies offer multiple benefits for those who can overcome instrumentation challenges

    Michael Francis Global Product Manager, Emerson Automation Solutions
  • Modernizing manufacturing through a connected shop floor

    Eliminating siloed systems in favor of streamlined applications allows for greater agility and stronger collaboration, enabling pharma to meet the new quality management demands

    Michael Jovanis, vice president, Vault Quality, Veeva Systems
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