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  • Real Demand Forecasting

    How can leading pharma manufacturers be five times less likely to suffer stock outs yet carry ten months less inventory? Richard Prest, CSO of Edge Dynamics, assesses how to forecast supply and demand effectively.

    Richard Prest, CSO Edge Dynamics
  • Rebel with a Cause

    Bonnie Haferkamp was a successful engineer in Life Sciences at Rockwell Automation, putting to good use her degree in chemical engineering. Then her mother was stricken with a rare neurological disorder, and Haferkamp said goodbye to industry to pursue a PhD and devote herself to research in molecular and cellular biology.

    Heidi Parsons, Managing Editor
  • Personalized Medicine Inevitable, Says Lilly's Lechleiter

    Speaking at the recent Personalized Medicine Conference at Harvard Medical School, Eli Lilly and Co. President and COO John Lechleiter discussed how pharmaceutical manufacturers are preparing for the sea change that’s coming as the entire healthcare industry moves toward the use of targeted therapies.

    Heidi Parsons, Managing Editor
  • Embracing Risk

    As we move ahead as an industry, transforming our concept of quality to align with the latest FDA and international regulations, we find ourselves in uncharted waters. The dilemma of implementing Quality by Design (QbD), Risk-Based Validation (RBV) and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) has challenged traditional quality thinking.

    Bikash Chatterjee, President, Pharmatech Associates
  • The Ups and Downs of Taking the Bus

    In this two-part series, Wyeth's Gary Forrest discusses the challenges and benefits of implementing fieldbus technologies at a new bioprocess development facility.

    Gary Forrest, PhD, Wyeth Research
  • New Patterns for Quality

    Quality by Design is breathing new life into quality systems and process analytical technology.

    Alison Smith and Hussain Mooraj, AMR Research
  • Advancing Your Career in a Changing Industry

    An advance excerpt from a draft of the upcoming white paper, “The Continuing Evolution of the Pharmaceutical Industry: Career Challenges and Opportunities” by Michael Steiner et al. of RegentAtlantic Capital.

  • Wyeth’s Charlie Portwood: Focus on QbD Before ICH Q 8-10

    After his keynote speech at the ISPE meeting in Las Vegas this week, Charlie Portwood, president of Technical Operations and Product Supply at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, shared his views on pharma’s supply chain management and quality.

    Agnes Shanley, Editor in Chief
  • Visit our Editor's Blog: On Pharma

    Our editors' blog, "On Pharma," goes behind consumer media headlines, beyond trade press boundaries, to offer candid analysis and commentary on issues affecting drug manufacturers. We cover the gamut, from fiscal to philosophical, from serious to silly. Reader responses are always welcome.

  • PharmaManufacturing Swicki

    Eliminate wasted time by using our new, search engine for information from top industry sources, including FDA web pages, and specialized publications.

  • Blog: Poor Emil’s Almanac

    Never known for his shyness, NIR expert Emil Ciurczak shares his unedited and uncensored perspectives on the industry he knows so well. Write in and let him know what you think.

  • Disposables: Increasingly Indispensable

    Single-use process containers, assemblies and separation tools are helping bioprocessors make a smooth transition from stainless steel

    Stephanie P. Wilson, Global Group Product Manager, Advanced Manufacturing Solutions, Millipore Corp.
  • Respondents Short-Sighted in Lean Survey

    Managers might be expecting the wrong near-term results when it comes to the benefits of lean manufacturing, resulting in apathy. A recent lean production survey conducted by Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) found that cutting costs was rated as the top benefit to the process by managers and executives.

    Bill Swichtenberg, Senior Editor
  • Benchmark Your Company's Manufacturing and Other Supply Chain Practices

    Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, APQC, and IBM are pleased to offer two benchmarking initiatives in manufacturing and other supply chain processes. These joint research initiatives provide organizations a cross-industry and peer group comparison. In return for submitting data, you will receive a detailed custom benchmarking report at no cost.

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