Running with (and from) the Wolf Pack

This interview with Dr. Peter Rost examines his career before and after Pharmacia and Pfizer, and his new writing career

By Ed Silverman and Agnes Shanley

This video, the first in a series of profiles of interesting people working in or connected with the drug industry, profiles Dr. Peter Rost, his career within the industry and his new career as a writer.


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a transcript of this interview
Roughly edited, the video lasts for about 28 minutes, and is divisible into the following segments:

The first five minutes provide a brief introduction to recent pharma whistleblower cases, as well as a quick recap of Dr. Rost's career, including allegations that were covered widely in the press, as well as what he has been doing since he left Pfizer last year.

For the next eight minutes, Dr. Rost discusses his years with Pharmacia and Pfizer, why he opted to stay with Pfizer for as long as he did, why he sued them, and why he began speaking out about drug reimportation during such a sensitive point in his career.

The remainder of the clip focuses on blogging and his writing career, and his new thriller novel, "The Wolf Pack," lessons learned and what he might do differently today.

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