EtQ, a Company, a Technology and a Vision

Enterprise Quality and Environmental Management (EtQ) Software, Inc. offers flexible software platforms and application suites that dramatically reduce the cost to achieve and maintain compliance with initiatives such as the Food and Drug Administration's cGmP, particularly its 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. However, the software can also help streamline CAPA, Audits, Customer Complaints, Training, Non-Conforming Materials, Document Control, Calibration, Employee Training, and other applications. Visit them at Interphex 2004 Booth E101

EtQ, Inc. Circle 276


Controlled Release Drug Delivery Solutions

Laser drilling is an excellent solution to manufacture controlled release tablets. Control MicroSystems' products can drill through the osmotic coating during dynamic transport on one or on both surfaces and perform quality vision inspection and product reject at production rates up to 100,000 tablets per/hr. Our systems are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

Control Micro Systems, Inc. Circle 277





Digital Accuracy With Analog Simplicity

Beta Calibrators offer the accuracy of digital pressure gauges with the simplicity of analog devices. For example, the Beta Gauge PI digital pressure test gauge features 0.05% F.S. accuracy, temperature-compensated accuracy from 0 to 50 C and other features. Approvals are pending for CSA instrinsically safe Class 1 Div. 1 ratings.

Beta Calibrators Corp. Circle 278


High-Frequency Radar Gauge

The VEGAPULS 43 two-wire radar gauge with all wetted parts made of TFM 1600 PTFE is in compliance with FDA regulations for sanitary service. This high-frequency radar gauge is unaffected by temperature, pressure or vapors. Using microwave pulses, the gauge uses a reflected signal to determine the level in a vessel. It can be mounted via ANSI flange mount or a standard Tri-Clamp connection.

Ohmart/VEGA Corp. Circle 279







Integrated Commerce Platform

Pilgrim Software offers a Web-based, fully integrated solution for managing all regulatory compliance activities. Pilgrim's SmartSolve Compliance Platform is an enterprise-wide solution that can help you correct and prevent nonconformance, streamline document processes and enforce SOPs, perform internal and external assessments, ensure employee qualification and streamline adverse event reporting.

Pilgrim Software, Inc Circle 280





Hands-On Course in Fluid Bed Systems

Applied Chemical Technology offers a Spring Seminar, from April 20 to 21, 2004, presenting the principles of fluidization, airflow entrainment, spray rates and nozzle configurations. Each principle is discussed in theory and demonstrated in ACT's laboratory. Participants will obtain hands-on experience with several different fluid-bed systems. More information and a detailed brochure are available.

Applied Chemical Technology Circle 281






Powerful CMOS Vision System

The Legend 510 SmartImage Camera is the most powerful CMOS vision system on the market today at its price level. The $1,995 price for this fully-functioning complete vision system includes four-day classroom training, online and CD-based training, online diagnostics, and software upgrades. The 510 features full inspection power without reader capabilities.

DVT Circle 282








Hand-Held Dewpoint Meter for Industrial Applications

Vaisala's compact DM70 hand-held dewpoint meter offers excellent stability, rapid response time and 2 C accuracy to -50 C. It's ideal for a variety of dewpoint measurements in industrial spot-checking applications, including compressed air lines and plastic molding processes. Call for a free catalog. Visit them at Interphex 2004 Booth 867.

Vaisala, Inc. Circle 283


A Searchable Online Database for Spray Nozzles

The SGS is a searchable online database that enables nozzle users to locate, instantly and accurately, the nozzle they need from an archive of over 73,000 different models. For more information, see www.nozzle-

Spray Nozzle Source Circle 284







Full Line of Vacuum Cleaning Solutions

Nilfisk-Advance America's Nilfisk and CFM vacuums include portable, continuous-duty, and central system models. They are ideal for a range of applications in cleanrooms, packaging suites, labs, and other areas. The brochure also provides technical information on multi-stage HEPA/ULPA filtration systems and attachments Visit them at Interphex 2004 Booth 838.

Nilfisk-Advance America, Inc. Circle 285



Detection and Control Simplify Explosion Protection

Fike Corp. is introducing EPACO, the superior Explosion Protection System. This innovative new system makes use of active detection and control systems easier and more reliable than it is for other systems on the market. The system is modular and designed to fit into existing control room and machinery panels. Visit them at Interphex 2004 Booth 838.

Fike Corp. Circle 286








Validated Sterile Wipes

Lymtech Scientific offers the quality assurance you need, when you need it. Lymtech's validated sterile wipes are gamma irradiated with Cobalt-60 to a sterility assurance level of 10-6 in accordance with procedures outlined in Standard AAMI/ISO 11137-Method 1. Each shipment is lot traceable and accompanied by Certificates of Processing and Sterility. Our linear-tear packaging is designed to be easy to use, even with a gloved hand.

Lymtech Scientific Circle 287


Setting New Standards for Microfiltration

PTI Advanced Filtration's microfiltration products, technical support and customer service set new standards for filtrate quality and product reliability by providing solutions best suited for each application. Most cartridges are available, many of them fully validated, with all current styles of end fittings and lengths from 5 to 40 inches. Visit them at Interphex 2004 Booth 2752.

PTI Advanced Filtration Circle 288

Hose Identification Solutions

Three solutions address the problems of permanence, clarity and cleanliness: Striped silicone tubing provides clear line identification along the entire length of tubing. Laser-etched hose collars create product traceability and identify capabilities or limitations. The AdvantaLABEL silicone hose-labeling system offers easy-to-read identification. Visit them at Interphex 2004 Booth 652.

AdvantaPure Circle 289


Watertight RTD and Integral Transmitter

New Easytemp TSM 470 is a four-wire Pt 100 Class A sensor and built-in 4-20 mA transmitter. It features a quick-disconnect for both process and electrical connection. Integral design offers original equipment manufacturers and plant personnel a low-cost device for temperature monitoring that is resistant to moisture and corrosion. Endress+Hauser Circle 290



New Rupture Disk Operates at Lower Pressures

Continental Disc's SANITRX LP Rupture Disc, designed for the sanitary processing industries, offers the same features as the original SANITRX but operates at much lower pressures. Offering millisecond response time, the SANITRX LP is a scored, reverse acting rupture disc, that bursts open at a pre-determined set pressure. Visit them at Interphex Booth 755.

Continental Disc Corp. Circle 291


DEGADUR-The Floor That Cures in One Hour

Millions of square feet of DEGADUR flooring systems have been installed throughout pharmaceutical facilities in North America. DEGADUR seamless flooring systems provide a stain-resistant, seamless, durable, and impervious floor that is easily sanitized and maintained. It is the cure that you have been searching for.

Specialty Resin Systems Circle 292



HygoClip Improves Sensor Processing

The M Series features Rotronic's HygoClip digital signal-processing hardware, which offers improved sensor linearization and temperature compensation, while providing more consistent product performance. Options include fixed and interchangeable probes and calculated outputs such as dewpoint. Visit them at Interphex2004 Booth C2226.

Rotronic Instrument Corp. Circle 293


Custom Vessels From Portable to Batch

Top- or bottom-entry agitators, jacketed and vacuum or pressure designs, sprayball testing, prevalidation documentation, electropolishing and specializing fittings Lee Industries has the experience and expertise to handle it all! Visit them at Interphex 2004 Booth 1056.

Lee Industries Inc., Circle 294

Process Systems & Equipment Division



A Wide Range of Operator Interface Systems and Mountings

STRONGARM Designs offers a new

catalog presenting its operator interface mountings and systems. Mountings include Vertica Arm, which provides ergonomic vertical repositioning, with features such as lock in place and sealed cable passageway. Systems include enclosures for all brands and models of operator interface terminals, and integrated packages.

STRONGARM Circle 295


Plant Design Automation

This brochure describes capabilities of CADWorx "COADE's AutoCAD-based programs for creating plant drawings. A PIPE module draws pipe in any convenient format "2D, 3D or isometric. A P&ID module makes process and instrumentation diagrams easy. Both programs smartly integrate plant data and intelligent drawings.

COADE Inc. Circle 296


Tablet Press Replacement Parts

Natoli Engineering specializes in the manufacturing of tablet press replacement parts for many press types. Natoli has over 300,000 plus parts available for immediate delivery. A free parts catalog is available.

Natoli Engineering Circle 297

636-926-8900 ext. 29

Kink-Proof, Ultra-Flexible Hose

Resistoflex, a Crane Co. Company, has introduced a new type of hose. The Twister CRC Hose will set new standards of flexibility and kink resistance, while still offering the performance of a convoluted Teflon Liner and tough EPDM rubber cover. Resistoflex engineers combined a Teflon liner, reinforcing wire, and special EPDM cover.

Crane Co.'s Resistoflex Circle 298


Filtration Systems Meet Ultrapure Specifications

The PharmaFlow filtration system provides critical environmental conditions for pharmaceutical and biotech processes, meeting Standard 209 Class 100 and other U.S. and European specifications. The filtration system includes a programmable variable frequency drive that allows it to be integrated into a remote monitoring system. The device uses a deep filter pack and offers 40% longer filter life than the previous generation of filters. All filters include a DOP port and are easy to validate.

AES Cleanroom Technologies Circle 299


Membrane Contactors for Sensitive Processes

A brochure available from Membrana describes how Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors are used for transferring gases to and from aqueous streams. Oxygen removal to <1ppb and CO2 removal to 1ppm are common applications for Liqui-Cel Products in Semiconductor, Industrial, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and power applications.

Membrana Inc. Circle 300

704 587 8888

Material Handling Solutions

NuStar Inc. designs and manufactures material handling equipment for industrial applications. The NuStar products, which include the Power Pusher, Power Tug and MFC-100 Cart, are battery powered for quiet, clean operation. The systems are designed to improve worker safety. Units are available in stainless steel, and custom attachments and modifications can be provided to solve specific material handling problems.

NuStar, Inc. Circle 301


An Automation and Facility Management Leader

Johnson Controls is a global market leader in facility management and controls, as well as automotive systems. Its Controls Group offers the life sciences industry unique tools to enable regulatory compliance, minimize time to market and reduce operating costs. Visit them at Interphex 2004 Booth 2230.

Johnson Controls Circle 302


Free CAD Library

SVF Flow Controls has developed an innovative engineering tool that supports specifiers and users of their full range of ball valves, actuators and controls. CAD Now! is a fully configurable CAD database that allows the user to download/insert drawings in 2D and 3D formats into all of the most popular CAD programs. CAD Now! is available FREE in CD format by contacting SVF or may be used online at

SVF Flow Controls, Inc. Circle 303


Piping Features Unique Proprietary Coating

Co-developed with DuPont, Fab-Tech's proprietary fluoropolymer coating offers unique advantages over traditional PTFE, PVC or FRP systems. This unique coating system is built into Perma Shield Pipe, which is designed to provide years of worry-free service in the most severe environments, where other systems have consistently failed. Visit them at Interphex 2004 Booth 1388.

Fab-Tech, Inc. Circle 304


Guide to Pharmaceutical Metal Detection and Validation Protocol

Safeline Metal Detection offers its comprehensive metal detection publication, "The Guide to Pharmaceutical Metal Detection and Validation Protocol." This book, available at no cost from the manufacturer, discusses in metal detection technology and its importance in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Visit them at Interphex 2004 Booths 1031 and 1033.

Safeline Circle 305


System Reduces Pressure Drop, Improves Dust Collection

Scientific Dust Collectors features a patented cleaning system with a high-velocity air jet nozzle that cleans the filter bags more efficiently than the low-velocity air jets typically found in venturi-based systems. Less filter area is required and a more-even dust cake builds up, reducing filtered air-pressure drop.

Scientific Dust Collectors Circle 306


The TerraPharma Family of Process Vessels

Developed specifically for the biopharmaceutical industry, TerraPharma non-metallic cone-bottom process vessels are the tanks of choice for aseptic fluid handling. Made from FDA-compliant polypropylene resin, they meet USP Class VI standards.

Terracon Corp. Circle 307

508-429-9950 http://www.terracontanks

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