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Tracking the Audit Process

Audit Manager software, now available as part of this company's TrackWise product suite, allows users to create and execute report templates to facilitate audit data collection and sharing, and to make it easier to generate reports and documentation. It is also designed to be used locally, allowing data to be shared without connecting to a centralized database, a capability that can save considerable time. The new Audit Manager software has been designed to tie into full workflow management, searching and reporting functions.

One of the program's key features is a template that allows audit teams to create questionnaires and checklists and link them to workflow records. Using this feature, a pharmaceutical manufacturing audit team can maintain a master index of sections and subsections. Team leaders can assign sections of the audit questionnaire to specific team members for them to complete and export locally. Auditors can then export questions, data and scores into a local Excel file, and team leaders can take them into a centralized database once the audit has been completed.

Sparta Systems, Inc.

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Barcoding Extends ERP to the Warehouse, Plant Floor

QuikTrac 5.1 allows users of this manufacturer's I Series to extend ERP/MRP applications out to their warehouse or shop floor without changing their existing host code or interfacing into their system's database, the company says. QuikTrac 5.1 allows AS 400 users to take their existing I Series applications and map them down to a wireless fixed or portable data collection device. This functionality enables users to interact with their ERP/MRP software from a remote location in real-time, without costly and long-term modifications to the host. QuikTrac 5.1's new Off Line Data Collection module allows users to continue to collect and store data while the connection or host is down.

Integrated Barcoding Systems

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HMI Software Supports Windows XP Tablet OS

InTouch HMI software is designed for industrial automation, process control and supervisory monitoring environments. InTouch 8.0 and Active-Factory software are part of this company's FactorySuite A2 ("A-squared") product series, which provides factory automation solutions based on Invensys' ArchestrA software architecture. Deploy-ing InTouch software on a Tablet PC now enables customers to increase mobility throughout a plant while maintaining control of their processes, according to the company.


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Automated Compliance System Offers Central Administration

SmartShell is a technical solution for 21 CFR Part 11 remediation and centralized cGMP security administration of free standing PCs. In addition, SmartShell controls access by enforcing sign-on and eligibility to applications, and remediates non-compliant PCs by intercepting PC and file operations, applying compliance detection inventions.


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Track Material Throughout the Supply Chain

New batch-tracking solution has been added to this manufacturer's Resolution Release 5.1. The product provides detailed tracking of material throughout a logistics system, automatically identifying batches as needed. This capability, combined with composition tracking and quality estimation routines, provides powerful material management and quality prediction capability from very basic input data, the company says.

Resolution Integration Solutions

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Sanitary Peristaltic Pumps Offer Accurate Metering

The 520 Series line of peristaltic pumps is designed to provide highly accurate metering and dosing performance and an inherently sanitary design. The new design focuses on the pump head, which allows a higher range of flowrates with a wider turndown ratio, its manufacturer says, while the large swept volume of the newly designed pump head allows for a greater volumetric displacement per revolution, resulting in longer tube life and gentle handling of shear-sensitive fluids.

Featuring a user-friendly interface, the pumps also are equipped with MemoDose technology designed to provide portioned or exact doses at the touch of a button. Maintenance involves changing the tubing, which allows for the fluid to remain completely contained in a sanitary environment and eliminates any possibility of contamination, according to the manufacturer.

Watson-Marlow Bredel

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Modular Dispersers Are Scalable, Flexible

The Ultra Turrax UTS 2000 single-stage dispersers are well suited for mixing emulsions and suspensions that require a coarse-to-medium particle size with a narrow distribution. The device features a unique rotor/stator design, the company says, which maintains a constant tip speed in all sizes, from pilot to full production. The device is available in seven inlet/outlet sizes, extending from 1"/.75" to 8"/6", with motors ranging from 2 to 150 horsepower; the dispersers are self draining and can be cleaned in place.

IKA Works

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Mobile Centrifuges Allow for Onsite Testing

On-site separation testing is now available through this manufacturer to companies throughout the United States. The service is provided using a trailer-mounted Sweco 518 centrifuge that travels to a customer's location, where a feed hose, discharge hose and electrical cord are connected from the customer's facility to the trailer. Material is then pumped to the centrifuge, producing real-time results onsite. This enables customers to make informed decisions by observing actual feed rates, cut points and solids dryness. "We come right to the customer's location and set up a full-scale test. The results are virtually identical to what they will experience in full production, so the testing can prove conclusively that our system will meet their requirements," comments Joe Smith, head of Sweco's Industrial Treatment Services division.

In addition to the centrifuge, the trailer contains: a polymer mix/dispense system, coagulant addition system, product feed pump, solids discharge system, water testing instruments to gage water cleanliness, and an effluent return system with a pump to return the liquid to the source.

Sweco Corp.

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Cartridge Filters Maximize Efficiency for High Protein Recovery

Multilayer Durapore 0.45-m/0.22-m cartridge filters have been introduced for pharmaceutical and biological liquid applications requiring high protein recovery and extended throughput. Their multi-membrane construction provides a filter device with an integrated 0.45um prefilter membrane ahead of a final 0.22um sterilizing grade membrane for increased filtration capacity, their manufacturer says. The dual layer combination of hydrophilic low protein binding polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) 0.45-m and sterilizing grade 0.22-m Durapore membranes in each filter ensures minimal extractables, maximal product yields and the highest levels of product purity and sterility assurance.

Millipore Corp.

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Pump Design Eliminates Most Diaphragm Failures

The D10/G10 Kel-Cell series of Hydra-Cell industrial pumps now feature this manufacturer's patented Diaphragm Position Control (DPC) technology. The pumps can control the position of the diaphragm under a variety of adverse inlet conditions to provide a new degree of diaphragm rupture protection, according to the manufacturer. DPC technology is available on new Kel-Cell pumps, and can be easily retrofitted on D10/G10 pumps already in the field. DPC equipped pumps reduce by up to 90 percent the possibility of an incidental diaphragm failure caused by adverse system conditions, such as: partially or completely blocked inlet pipe or inlet filter; partly or completely closed inlet shut-off valve; inadequate liquid supply; excessively viscous fluids; inadequate discharge pressure; or other conditions resulting in excessive vacuum conditions on the inlet of the pump.

Wanner Engineering Inc.

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Portable Plate Discharge Systems for Ultrapure Processing

Follower Plate-Discharge systems are typically used to push viscous materials from a mix can when a mixing cycle is over. This manufacturer now offers a sanitary line of portable plate discharge systems, mounted on caster wheels. The systems are made with a stainless steel frame that is polished to a 150 grit finish. The device's hydraulically operated platen is made of 316 L stainless steel and includes a Viton sealing ring, which allows the device to operate at pressures up to 50 psi. The unit features a hinged Lexan safety enclosure and safety switches to prevent operation when the mix can is removed. Controls are provided and are mounted to the frame of the system.

Ross, Inc.

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New flowmeter reduces calibration costs by up to 90%

The Flowsic 600 ultrasonic gas flowmeter measures actual volume flowrate, accumulated volume, gas velocity or velocity of sound in gases with high accuracy over wide measuring ranges, its manufacturer says. The device can operate under high pressure and ambient pressure and can be calibrated with ambient air, reducing calibration costs by up to 90%, according to the company. In addition, the Flowsix 600 features no moving parts, minimizing wear and maintenance requirements.

Sick Maihak, Inc.

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Machine Vision System Stretches Pattern-Matching Envelope

PatFlex is a new addition to this manufacturer's PatMax family of geometric pattern finding technologies. Incorporating a patent- pending software tool, the system allows a vision system to locate an object, feature or pattern whose perspective has changed or whose surface is curved, warped, wrinkled or stretched. By finding and correcting for these types of distortions, PatFlex enables the full range of this manufacturer's vision tools to be applied.

Cognex, Inc.

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Complete Vision System Below $2,000

Legend 510 SmartImage camera is a fully functioning smart camera system for $1,995 and is streamlined to feature the full inspection power of the Legend series without reader capabilities. The 510 will operate with DVT's Windows-based Framework software and includes integrated ring lights, Ethernet-compatibility, and 640 X 480 pixel resolution found in other Legend models.

DVT Corp.

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Pasteurizer for Pharmaceutical Products

A complete pasteurization system is available utilizing the Terlotherm scraped-surface heat exchanger to pasteurize or sterilize various pharmaceutical type products. Standard design capacities range from 500 to 15,000 pounds per hour. The turnkey systems can include a skid design, along with tanks, pumps, multiple holding tube sections, valves, PLC control, piping and CIP cleaning options.


Circle 365


Powder Filling Systems Reduce Maintenance Needs

New family of rotary auger fillers is designed to require only minimal maintenance because they use a gear-driven rather than a chain-driven base. The devices also feature self-centering tooling, resulting in faster changeovers and cleaning. "Active Vent Sealing" is said to provide faster fills, higher throughput, cleaner operation and improved product settling.

Nalbach Engineering Company, Inc.

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NIR Probes for Spectroscopy Aid in QC, Control

Model LSI-NIR-VT near-infrared vector probe is designed for diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and will interface with most existing FTIR, AOTF and dispersive spectrometers requiring high sensitivity and dynamic range. A serial port interface for system automation also is available. Constructed of stainless steel, PVC and polyamide, the device comes with 2 m of cable, standard, but other lengths can be customized.

Lambda Solutions, Inc.

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Temperature Probes Work in Tight Spaces

LSMC Micro Series temperature probes are designed to meet ultra-small space requirements in a variety of applications. These small form-factor thermistors, just 0.0185-inch in diameter, can easily fit into a thin hypodermic needle and feature fast response and accuracy to 0.1C.

Selco Products Company

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Disposable HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Collection Container

To maintain the highest cleanliness, this manufacturer's new Safe-Pak allows users to collect, handle and dispose of potent compounds. When integrated with the company's CFM 3156 or 3306 vacuum cleaners, the containers allow users to collect materials continuously, with the knowledge that they will be retained within the HEPA-filtered unit. When the Safe-Pak unit is full, users simply dispose of the entire container, virtually eliminating the risk of contamination and exposure. "Finding a way to safely collect and dispose of potent compounds has always been a major challenge for pharmaceutical manufacturers," said Paul Miller, vice president of the company. "To develop a product that solves this challenge, we first collaborated with five of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. to learn their specific requirements. Then, we built the Safe-Pak based on their combined 'wish list,'" he says."

Nilfisk Advance America

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Coriolis Flowmeters Meet CIP, Surface Finish Demands

H-Series Coriolis flowmeters are an all-hygienic line designed for pharmaceutical and biotech applications. The meters are designed to be drainable, cleanable and have improved surface finishes, according to the company, while meeting stringent 3-A authorization, EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group) certification and ASME Bioprocessing Equipment (BPE) requirements. The new meters are said to be ideal for CIP and water-for-injectables (WFI) applications. They are available with an electro-polish option to maintain greater purity and yields in bioreactor, fermenter and active ingredient separation applications.

Emerson Process Management

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