ionKey/MS System


PM1404 Waters InnovateCard169

Full Name: ionKey/MS System

 Waters, Milford, MA  

Status: Active, available

Debut: Pittcon 2014

Field Position: QA/QC labs, R&D, ACQUITY UPLC and Xevo Mass Spectrometers

Skill Set: Physically integrates UPLC separation into the mass spectrometer for improved sensitivity, unparalleled compound separation and detection, reduces solvent consumption and costs

Performance Stats:
• Contains fluidic connections, electronics, ESI interface, column heater, eCord Intelligent Chip Technology and the 1.7 micron UPLC grade particles packed inside a 150 micron I.D. channels
• Merck Beta test revealed >60-fold increase in sensitivity for GLP-1
• Can save as much as 90% of solvent cost compared to current commercial technologies

Regulatory Profile: Supports proactive compliance and cGMP/QBD quality regimes

Coach’s Notes: “ionKey/MS will change how the world thinks about LC/MS. With ionKey/MS we are enabling any scientist to operate the most sensitive LC/MS analysis on the market, eliminating many variables and simplifying the user experience” Ian King Ph.D., Vice President, Separations Technology, Waters Division.

Scout’s Notes: "I strongly believe that systems combining ease-of-use and optimum microflow performance, exemplified by Waters ionKey/MS, will be the next wave in both routine and advanced LC/MS analysis" Rand Jenkins, Ph.D. and Scientific Director of PPD Laboratories a global contract research organization specializing in drug discovery, development, life cycle management and laboratory services.

Team Resources: Waters Corporation creates business advantages for laboratory-dependent organizations, delivering practical and sustainable innovation to enable significant advancements. With revenue of $1.9 billion in 2013 and a pioneering portfolio of separations science, laboratory information management, mass spectrometry and thermal analysis, Waters technology laboratory solutions provide an enduring platform for customer success, driving scientific discovery and operational excellence for customers worldwide.






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