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  • 2017 Contract Pharma Trends Ebook

    Drug manufacturers and contract organizations have shared a mutually beneficial relationship for decades in the pharmaceutical industry and will no doubt continue to do so for years to come.

  • Biopharma Manufacturing Trends 2017 eBook

    As pharma companies look more and more to biologics for their next potential blockbusters, they must face the challenges surrounding these products' scientific complexity and sophisticated development.

  • Facilities and Operational Investment 2016 eBook

    Pharma’s leaders continue to pursue success through a strategy of careful capital expenditure investment with an eye on increased capacity, speed and efficiency in their facilities.

  • Pharma Packaging Trends 2016 eBook

    Once viewed as a mundane part of the business, primary packaging of pharmaceuticals has morphed into a hotbed of creativity.

  • 2016 Liquid Dose Trends

    Parenteral drugs are taking a strong position alongside the more established oral solid dose forms and are quickly coming into their own.

  • eBook: Profitability in the New Pharma Landscape

    Even though the pharmaceutical industry is approaching what most analysts say is the tail end of the patent cliff tumble, the industry is still under pressure to develop strategies to stay profitable in what looks to be a new, non-blockbuster-reliant era.

  • 2016 Solid Dose Trends

    While the oral solid dosage form has not seen what OSD subject matter expert Dave DiProspero calls a “silver bullet change,” the sector has continued to stay relevant.

  • 2016 Contract Pharma Trends Ebook

    Pharma’s Top CMOs are playing to their strengths, toning operations and flexing their technical muscles in an effort to compete.

  • eBook: Biopharmaceutical Technical Resource Guide

    Biopharma R&D spending by PhRMA members grew from $2 billion in 1980 to some $51.6 billion in 2013. While no one’s crystal ball can exactly predict where the industry is headed, it is clear that Biopharma is soaring.

  • Pharmaceutical Packaging Trends eBook

    Pharmaceutical packaging plays a critical role in ensuring the efficient distribution and safe consumption of the world’s drug supply.

  • Contract Services eBook

    Contract service companies are emerging as the industry's prime movers, tasked with providing the industry with a growing list of increasingly complex services, from early stage formulation to the heavy lifting of generic tablet manufacture.

  • Transforming Your Upstream Relationships

    As outsourced business models continue to pick up steam, updating strategies and technologies for managing quality and compliance is essential.

  • eBook: State of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 2015

    If behavior often speaks volumes, then the pharmaceutical industry is saying a lot lately in the way that it is responding to the social and economic forces that affect its markets and the potential commercial success of the drugs they develop and deliver around the world.

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