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Welcome to the New Age: Pharma Manufacturing App Coming April 6!

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing introduces its first tablet edition April 6: queue the fanfare!

By Steven E. Kuehn
Apr 2, 2015

Sure, some things are harder to accept than others. One of those hard-to-accept things, at least for readers and writers of a certain age, may be watching the eclipse of the printed word on paper by the inexorable march of the digital age. Since that first Sumerian scribe took his stylus to a flattened piece of clay, the medium has always been an integral part of the message. Around 1300 the word “tablet” came to fore, defined as a slab or flat surface for an inscription. Regardless, the important thing to remember here is that this simple technology provided a way to store data and a means to share it or access the information it contained on demand.

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