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Biopharma’s Big Breakout

This guide offers insight from some of the industry’s top players and opinion leaders as well as a few deep dives into technologies.

By Steven E. Kuehn, editor in chief

Welcome to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing’s Biopharmaceutical Technical Resource Guide/issues/2014/november/. Once again, we’ve worked diligently to provide our readers with a true magazine, that is, a publication containing the works of many authors, photographs and art, often focused on a particular topic. In this case we’re focusing on biopharmaceuticals and delivering insight from some of the industry’s top players and opinion leaders as well as a few deep dives into technologies sure to support quality and operational efficiency. What’s thrilling, though, is how exciting the Biopharma industry has become. The last couple of years have been an extremely dynamic period for the category as it breaks from its past and embraces its future as the new face of Big Pharma.

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Amgen embraces the U.S. Navy’s safety philosophy to fight shortage-causing quality excursions


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The strategy is clear: stop Ebola from killing the people of Africa; exactly what Pharma’s role will be is still being worked out


Pharma's Need to Know

Information technology remains the lamp illuminating a path to operational truth


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Technology offers a path to achieve operational and competitive leadership, but it’s in the application that drives true innovation


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Contract services companies are playing great cGMP ball


A New Capacity for Change

Dollars are flowing fast into cost effective and efficient pharma manufacturing capacity


Incentivizing a Culture of Quality

From the lab to commercial process and across the global supply chain, quality is a gift we all can share


Large Molecules, Larger Impact

The biopharma industry remains one of the most robust and healthy of industries, not only in the states, but also around the world


Lean Forward, Pharma

Operational excellence requires collaboration and efficient allocation of resources


Chasing the Dragon in China

China's crackdown may ultimately prompt better, more ethical behavior by capitalist and communist alike


Enter the Innovators

Whether cheaper, faster, safer or easier, innovation puts the “-er” in Pharma manufacturing’s progressive improvement.


Finding the Good in GDUFA

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Pharmaceutical industry among the tragedy’s first responders


Here’s to the Next 10 and 50 to Follow

A happy 10th anniversary to both the FDA’s Pharmaceutical GMPs for the 21st Century as well as Pharmaceutical Manufacturing magazine


Germs, Vaccines and Stainless Steel

Biopharma continues to shape human history, fighting the good fight against germs and chronic disease; winning through innovation and sometimes, just plain old persistence