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Micro Motion/Emerson

Emerson Process Management has announced next-generation MVD (multivariable digital) technology and sensor design innovations that significantly enhance the accuracy, stability, and versatility of the company’s Micro Motion Coriolis flowmeter offering. The new technology yields breakthroughs in ...

Category: Process Control

Product Type: Process control

Micro Motion Emerson

Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.

The new TM-1000 Tabletop Microscope from Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. instrument gives a performance in excess of an ordinary optical microscope. Operation of the TM-1000 requires no special sample preparation for hydrated, oily or non-conducting samples and is as easy to use as a ...

Category: Unit Operations

Product Type: Other

Hitachi High Technologies America

ESA Biosciences, Inc.

The Corona Charged Aerosol Detector from ESA Biosciences, Inc. offers excellent sensitivity, superior reproducibility, more consistent response, wide dynamic range, broad applicability and intuitive operation.

Category: Drug Delivery

Product Type: Transdermal and aerosol

ESA Biosciences

K-Tron Process Group

The K-Tron Process Group's PCS P-Series vacuum conveyors were re-certified for 2006 by the 3A Symbol Council to meet the requirements of the 3-A Sanitary Standard for Pneumatic Conveyors for Dry Milk and Milk Products, Standard Number 39-00.

GE Fanuc Automation

GE Fanuc Automation has introduced its new Proficy Batch Version 5.0 software, which delivers complete data collection, robust batch management, clear process visualization and powerful supervisory control capabilities.

Analogix, Inc.

Analogix, Inc. releases the new SuperFlash series of leak-free, high-performance flash chromatography columns.

Celeros Separations

The Model APD Centrifuge from Celeros Separations is suitable for a broad range of two-phase solid-liquid separation applications common to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical process industries.

Thermo Electron Corp./Elemental Analysis

Thermo Electron Corp.'s powder x-ray diffraction system achieves high performance pharmaceutical analyses.



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Displaying 1-10 of 15 results