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Savi Technology

Savi Technology recently released its Savi SmartChain Asset Management System 4.5 (Savi AMS 4.5), which optimizes the utilization, performance and visibility of supply chain assets ranging from intermodal cargo containers to tote bins as they are deployed continuously throughout the extended ...

Mikron Infrared

Mikron Infrared's new M7500 infrared camera is configurable for midwave or longwave imaging and four different temperature bands, for a fraction of the cost of cryogenically cooled midwave IR cameras.

Phoenix Contact Inc.

Phoenix Contact introduces two new embedded controller platforms, the S-Max 50xx VLC and ILC 350 VLC. The products provide powerful control features and easy Steeplechase VLC flow-chart programming for low-cost control applications.

Fluid Components International

With its thermal mass flow sensor, wetted materials available in either CPVC/Hastelloy C-22 or 316SS/Hastelloy C-22 combinations, and no moving parts, the compact M180 Flow Switch from Fluid Components International is the ideal OEM flow switch solution for equipment flowing, dispensing or ...

Spectral Dimensions, Inc.

Spectral Dimensions' ISys chemical imaging software analyzes heterogeneous samples in pharmaceutical characterizations. Integration of spectral and spatial information results in improved image interpretation.

Flexicon America Inc.

Flexicon America's DF32 Tabletop Filling Machine achieves +/- 1% accuracy to eliminate fill volume inconsistencies, embedded air, product waste and spillage for viscous oil- and cream-based products.

Bruker Optics

Bruker Optics' new Senterra Raman microscope boasts the patented Automatic Fluorescence Rejection method for rejecting fluorescence from many samples.

Flexicon America Inc.

Fast, accurate filling and handling of vials and small bottles on the FF20 Tabletop Vial/Bottle Handling System from Flexicon America, Inc. offers packagers and manufacturers of clinical trial and small lot batches an automated flexible feed filling system that eliminates tedious, repetitive pour...

Curvaceous Software Ltd.

Curvaceous Software Ltd.’s C:Suite of products is designed to perform multivariate analysis without the use of mathematical equations.

Beamex Inc.

The new CMX V2 software package from Beamex Inc. introduces advanced features, options and benefits for calibration management.

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Displaying 121-130 of 155 results