Pharma Monitoring | Vaisala: CCL100 Cold Chain Temperature Data Logger is designed for more accurate sensing

Unlike many other cold chain temperature monitors, the Vaisala CCL100 features a thin, compact size for easy placement and more accurate sensing from surface reads on the product as opposed to ambient conditions. The data loggers do not require special readers or proprietary software; any computer equipped with Adobe Acrobat reader will generate a comprehensive report when the logger is connected to the USB port. Further increasing the simplicity of the loggers, each comes pre-programmed for the environment in which it will be used. Vaisala also provides a draft SOP for users to customize to their Quality System’s requirements.

Ideal for monitoring the temperature of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, biologics, and other life science products during distribution, the Vaisala Cold Chain temperature data logger is designed to reduce the risk of product degradation during shipping in the easiest possible way.

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